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Myra E 400IU Capsule 12s

Myra E 400IU Capsule

Highlights:åÊA Vitamin E supplement that provides powerful antioxidants to keep the skin healthy Works from within to renew; repair; and protect cells; rich in antioxidants; fights free radicals; improves nerve functions and prevents cardiovascular disorders Contains 400IU of Vitamin E

Ingredients:åÊEach capsule contains d-Alpha Tocopherol 400 IU.

Product Usage Orally;åÊtake one capsule once daily. Or as prescribed by a physician.

Warnings Precaution :åÊ

High doses of vitamin E should be used with caution in patients on warfarin..

Monitoring of international normalized ration (INR) and adjusting of warfarin dose (if indicated) are recommended.

Likewise; those with vitamin K deficiencies; such as patients with liver failure; should be cautious in taking high doses of vitamin E.

Vitamin E should be used with extreme caution in those with any lesions that have a tendency to bleed (e.g.; bleeding peptic ulcers); those with a history of hemorhagic stroke; and those with inherited bleeding disorders (e.g.; hemophilia).

Do not use more than the recommended dose.

Do not use after the expiry date on the label.